A Bit of a Tid-bit

- There is a law in Nebraska that was created to lower the abortion rate, that allows anyone to leave a child(abandon) at a hospital without legal charges being brought against them. Instead of outlawing abortion, they figure it would be ok for teen parents and others to let the state take care of the problem, through orphanage, and child services, rather than the process of aborting. The funny thing about this law is that people have been dropping off their 13-16 year old children at hospitals to basically “get rid of them”. I know this may not seem funny first off, but how many times do you think parents are going to use that law to scare their kids?

Johnny if you don’t stop playing that dam guitar hero and do your homework, …….your ass……..going to Nebraska
Sarah, stop being a whore……or I’ll carry your emo ass to Nebraska……yea……..you heard me…….

- Was watching some morning news broadcast of an anchor-woman swimming with a tiger at a zoo. The woman was swimming under it, hugging its back and tugging along for a swim holding its tail. If any of you knew me, you would know that I’m not a mean person……..but to see a woman, mauled in a swimming pool by a tiger, because the dumbass was holding onto its tail would be sweet justice for the animal kingdom in my book. I mean,
1. Tigers belong in the safari/jungle/where ever in Africa.
2. Not in a zoo in San Diego in a concrete swimming pool with a anchorwoman gripping its tail as he swam.

- Dunno if any of you have ever watched Jaywalking on Jay Leno. But all he does is go around asking really easy questions that anyone should know, like for example who was the first president? Or who is the current vice president……ect ect. Well I always thought that they were actors, because surely no one was that dumb. But I was wrong……..I have a very very very close friend…..(female) that looked me in the eye last night, and asked me, “ Paul what war was it where the South fought the North?”
I gasped….asked if she was kidding me……and all she said was……., “ I suck at history…..


  1. Prashant Sree said...
    Hi dude,

    Visiting this site for the first time... Nice to see a good sense of humour in the post... Iam not sure if you should join a Animal Protecting group as you were emphatic about the Tiger's state ;)

    Nice tid-bits for now... Keep delivering more !!
    Tiffany said...
    i tagged you. check out my blog for more info

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