First Blog

Well, guys and girls, this is my first blog here. However it's by far not the first blog that I have ever typed. But before I get into what ive typed, or done, I thought it would be best to tell everyone a little about myself.
My name is Paul (last name left out cuz hackers, really weird stalkers that follow guys that are 23 years old, and The Government....haha j/k, no im not one of those type). I have grown up in southwest Arkansas, near the border of Texas. I went to school at G School (name left out for above reason) untill 8th grade, then moved to rival F School. The decision wasn't an easy one, and maybe i'll even blog a little about it. I graduated in 2003, where even more important decisions were made, .....some of which I have huge regrets, and yes, at the time they did involve a girl......(story made for a later date). I then began college while working. This time of my life was a crazy. To be brief i'll just say, I was single.......and I had a little money. After that, some near death experiences happened to me, as well as breakups, and not to mention college graduation, and.............BAM!! I'm here. Sounds simple.....but in my twisted, overanalyzing mind, I feel wore down and in need of a HUGE break.
Furthermore, I had an account on MySpace, and had well over 150 blog entries. All of which were deleted when I deleted my account (Future blog subject). I had alot of comments, and alot of great stories. From my own rendetion of Celebrity Death Matches, to hunting stories where I thought I was going to be attacked by a panther.

I have also touched on religion, which may be a no-no. Anytime I touch on a subject such as this, I will try to be politically correct by using god/karma/universe/ect. I feel its the best that I can do without upsetting an unreligious reader, or random a$$clown.

I also must say that I do occasionally curse in some of my entries. I try to use words that are semi funny.....but words that I really do use not just in writing. (See a$$clown above) If you find these words to be offensive, then I suggest you not watch t.v., listen to radio, or even go out in public. I suggest you sit at home and stare in a corner and listen to nursery rymes(sp?) all day. If you don't like it, then stop reading it.

Im not a really big gross person. I'm not big on describing it and stuff, so if your into that....I dunno, find someone else that is, and hookup....cuz I don't see it being to common.

Anyway, the rest of my blogs will be alot funnier than this one......this is just a basic, hi to everybody, I'm back.......and to the new people......Hi, I'm Paul, this is what to expect......but funnier, and I expect a little feedback from posts, and stuff. Also, there will be alot of names involved in my blogs, they will be real people, but their names may, or may not be made up.....for security, and also I don't want phone calls at 4 in the morning because people are mad that I posted bad things about them. And yes.....I will post and write about bad people.....but I'll ALWAYS give you my opinion of why, or what they did to me. I will not hold anything back........and thats a promise. Spelling and grammer will never be checked in any of my blog entries......if I have problems spelling the word, I'll just put (sp?) after the word. Kapeash?\

Random Thoughts
1. Texas Tech.......once again proving that the Spread offense is possibly the most effeciant offensive strategy in all of football.
2. teaaaammm!!! Your effin killing me !!! You lose in over time to Alabama? Find a QB in the offseason and recruit him with everything you got!!!
3. My fantasy football team owned this weekend......some would say I BABTIZED my opponent.
4. Tha g/f better hurry up and text me back before I got work......seriously.......she text me and woke me up, now she don't respond. If you own a cellphone, there is no reason to ever not be able to answer it unless your at work. If you have a ton of missed calls, your totally wasting your money on having it.......and your wasting the people's time that are trying to call you. And in my book, your an a$$clown for that.
5. Who was the first guy/girl that looked at a horse and decided ........"I think i'm going to hop on its back and let it ride me around". Considering how big horses are in comparison to a man or woman......the guy/girl was either brave, or a complete idiot.
6. I hope and pray I get that job. (future blog entry)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hey babe! I was very excited to read your first blog. Athough it is not at all as interesting as your past ones. I thought you were able to save all of them before you deleted your MySpace account.? But anyway the reason I didn't answer your txt is because I was indeed at work. You knew that, so I guess that's just for those who are reading that care. But I'll see you in a little bit. Can't wait for you to get off work! *kisses*
    Ashton said...
    by all accounts, this was kinda lame. i expect more from your next entry. something about the stupidity of mankind please :)

    SWM said...

    You want funny. Well it's not really funny but it is real life, and real life is stranger than funny.
    Michael said...

    My name is Michael Rivera, I'm 17 and I go to school and live in Hong Kong. It's nice to meet you and welcome to blogger!

    I'll be coming back to check out your next few entries. :)


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