Well guys and girls, …….after 6 months of job searching, I think I may have finally found a job. I mean yea,…..i still work at UPS part time, but I mean as in finding a potential career job. It has not come easy at all. For fun, let me give you a rundown of things ive interviewed and applied for.

- Insurance salesman
I had a great interview however the territory manager found a guy that was licensed(?sp) to sell insurance in the area that he would have sent me. Dunno if it was legit or not, but at least he gave me a call back and a reason why I didn’t get the job.

(observations: Tha guy was a tool. Within 15 minutes of being there, he told me how much he made, how he makes more than his lawyer friend, and that in college when he played football he benched 360, however when he asked me that question on how I dealt with rejection….I owned that question, and he may never hear a better answer to it in his life……….How do I know? ………he said so)

- Pregnancy Center
Yes, I interviewed for a job as a pregnancy center assistant director. Craziest interview ever. First off I found it in an ad in the paper. I sent a cover letter, resume, yada yada yada. I get a call, go to the interview, and it’s an old man, and woman. They tell me to have a seat. And sitting there with my portfolio in hand, they sit and stare back at me……..I’m waiting for questioning, but it never comes, and to prevent the awkwardness, I ask if there were any questions about my qualifications, …..and I ask what are some more in-depth job requirements for the given position. The woman looks at the old man, the old man looks at the woman……..and finally the old man asked where I saw the job announcement, and I told him the newspaper, and what all it had said about the job position.
The woman shocked……asks if I would like to see the requirements of the job and I said sure……..she gets up and looks for the requirements for about 30 minutes, while I talk to the old man, and hand him my portfolio. ( He didn’t ask for anything particular, however wanted to just look at the whole thing) Come to find out the old man is a Minister and a board of directors’ member. There are no questions being asked of me, however I start conversations, that lead to questions about my education and ect. The woman……was the director of the center…..yet she never asked any questions, more or less they were sitting there shocked that a guy had applied for the job. Of coarse I applied for the job considering it was for more of an assistant director position/ GRANT WRITER . However, the interview ends with the woman handing me the requirements, and me leaving……pissed and semi embarrassed. It was one of those things where the job didn’t require any college……..I had a 4 year degree………I looked at the paper that had the job requirements……they were a piece of cake………….yet the whole downfall for me and that position was that I was a dude…….It kina sucked……..it would have paid really well.

(Observations: the place was hella-old. Hobo teens, and hobo elders were coming in there to get the hobo babies shots……free shots, because the place was a non-profit organization. I wouldn’t have minded working there, its doing the world a nice thing……..or at least nice things for hobos.)

-Call Center HR Specialist
I was done dirty with this job……..read, and printed the job requirements, and job qualifications, applied and got a call and got a scheduled phone interview. After that interview, I was scheduled another one for the next day. I had that phone interview also. Finally, instead of a face to face interview, the woman was going to have to call me because she was in California. I was ok with that and I went with it. We talked, everything was going great. She asked me everything that the other two interviewers had. Then asked what HR experience I had. And I told her about the training ive been involved in and things like that. She then asked what experience in HR law I had had. I told her bout the classes I had and ect and ect. And she then said……” You do know that this job requires you to be certified right?”…….I of coarse said no, because it wasn’t’ shown in the ad, nor was it mentioned to me in the prior interviews…….She said, “ wow this is embarrassing, I’m sorry for wasting your time, I’ll have to talk to the people to change the ad, and talk to the other prescreening interviewers.” I then say…….Yea……..might wanna get on that………..

(Observation: This place just pissed me off. How does a business function like that……I should have told them to get their head out there ass, and setup a good interviewing process)

- Best Buy
Yes I get desperate, after several other interviews……I get this desperate. I get a call, go to the interview……things go well. However they don’t tell me my potential pay until the day of our training. We get there, I start to sign my papers, and see how much my pay per hour is going to be…… $7.50 per hour…….yes, I did what we people in the south call……..shit a brick. I even set there through the presentations,……..training packet…….and ect. However when the tour of the store was going to begin I talked to the woman alone……and told her it was impossible for me to work there making that much money. It was going to cost more for me to work there than I would make. (gas, the black pants I had to buy) I also told her that I had other places somewhat lined up, and that if I would have known how much I was to make earlier, I would not had wasted her time. She looks at me and turns red and mad, and asks to clarify, that I hadn’t been told how much I was going to get paid. I said no…….I just found out…….literally 5 minutes ago.

(Observation: I embarrassed a woman because I hadn’t’ been told what my pay was prior to my training day, plus, she did not know that I was a college graduate. I’m not flaunting that around…..but when I told her that she totally agreed with me on not being able to work there.

However, recently ive given up on trying to get into organizations on my own……ive now started using the…..hey, u work where? Can u get me an interview, or get me a job? And I must say…..if I get this job…….im shooting 100% with this tactic. I mean, I had one interview…..and I believe it went well, and then they sent me to have a drug test today……which I better pass unless they jack with the pee/urine/ yellow stuff/……. I mean, I don’t’ do drugs, but……im just one of those southern pessimist. But it was a great story of what happened during the testing.
I walk in, the guy tells me to go feel the cup up……I do and I come back……he looks at me and says, “Dude,……you been drinking beer?”
I say, “What today?........noooooo?”
He laughed messing with me obviously, and was like,”yea ive been doing this so long I can smell it in the urine”……
I was like…”Wow…you’ve been doing this waaaayyy to long”.

(Observation: I really need this job, it’s a partial government job, pays well, its unionized, though im not big on them, their wages tend to be higher. And not to mention it’s a 4 day workweek (10hr shifts)

So, in conclusion……its been crappy. I’m the type of person that if i don’t feel productive or doing anything productive, I become depressed, and feel like a waste of life. (not in a suicidal way) Its funny though, thinking bout it, maybe if more peeps would be like me, there wouldn’t be so many people drawing unemployment, and being hobo’s. (I have a grudge against hobo’s)


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